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Like you, we don't like getting emails we didn't ask for and don't want. To help prevent that, we use this sign-up form. So, thanks for checking in. 

We send out mailings no more often than once a week, but more likely every other week. Usually, such mailings are advance warning of an upcoming sale or a discount that folks not on our mailing will miss out on. 

So, as you can see, signing up has its benefits :)

Because of Facebook's policies regarding who gets to see what content, we no longer use Facebook as a platform for promotions. We prefer to work here, where we know that our customers will get our message. In fact, we will stop updating our Facebook page as of March 1, 2014.

And, just so you know, we DO NOT AND WILL NOT SHARE customer data with anyone else. Your email address (and all the other stuff) is safe here. 

Warmest regards,

 - Bill Morris
Owner, Semster
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